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Michigan Bail Bonds has been posting bail bonds in the State of Michigan since 1999. We are a small family run business who take pride in our moral and ethical stance within the justice system. As Bail bondsmen in Michigan, we conduct a professional and discreet business with a non-bias approach to the “innocent until proven guilty” methodology. We are very easy to work with on payment plans, collateral, and financial responsibilities of the co-signor(s).
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As a small family business in the bail bond industry, we have the authority to do just about anything we deem necessary to assist our clients, without the policies and rules that govern corporations. 

You have probably noticed that we are not a Corporation like many of our competitors that have to adhere to Corporate policies and have to listen to a board of directors on how agents need to make the bottom line bigger. We like it this way and thats the way we are going to keep our business! Call us to learn more about Michigan Bail Bonds.