What Conditions Are Associated With Bail?

26.12.2014 in Blog

Previously we’ve discussed how bail bondsmen get their clients released from jail and what that process is like for defendants and their families. But is it always a matter of posting bail and then being allowed to walk free? Well, it depends on the situation….

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What are the Different Types of Bonds in Michigan?

09.10.2014 in Blog

By: Lucas Spoor   In the state of Michigan judges issue different types of bonds depending on what crimes defendants are accused of, their previous behavior or arrest record, or their perceived flight risk. These bonds range from personal recognizance to cash only, and, of course,…

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What are a Bail Bondsmen’s Hours?

04.09.2014 in Blog

By: Lucas Spoor One of the questions Michigan Bail Bonds gets asked most frequently is, “What hours are you open?” This is a legitimate concern as the law never sleeps and people get arrested and put into jail at any and all hours of the day….

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What is a Surety Bond?

01.07.2014 in Blog

By: Lucas Spoor When someone you love is arrested, it’s a very traumatic experience for friends and family with an urgency that most people are unused to. Many parents cannot stand the idea of letting a child of theirs sit in jail, and there are many…

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