How to Get a Loved One Out of Jail with a Bail Bondsman

03 Jun 2014, by admin in Blog

When you or someone you care about is arrested, a process is set in motion. It begins with arrest and transport to a local police station to be booked and processed, and it ends with an arraignment during which the detained person is informed of what crime he is being charged with. At the end of the arraignment, the judge will set bail – the amount of money the detained person must come up with in order to be released from jail and return home – as well as conditions of release. The amount the judge sets – or does not set – reflects how much of a risk he perceives there to be. Dangerous criminals are denied bail because they pose a risk to other people. A small to moderate bail amount is an incentive to whoever is fronting the money, to ensure that the person released will show up on his assigned court date. If he does not come to court on the day assigned, the bail amount is forfeit, and the judge issues a warrant for his arrest.

Jail is not a great place to be, and most people want to get out as soon as possible, but sometimes assembling the amount the judge sets for bail is a difficult proposition. Some people choose to pay the bail themselves, of course. In that case, the entire bail amount is paid via cash.

bail bond payment plansFor people who do not have enough liquid assets to present to the court for bail, there is another option: the bail bondsman. This is an individual licensed by the state and in good standing with the court who will post the entire bail amount in return for a percentage of the bail, the bond. A bond is a guarantee for the payment of the full bail amount. The bail bondsman will charge 10% of the face amount of the bail amount for the bond. He is liable for the full amount himself if the defendant does not appear for his court date. The fee for the bond is not refundable and is the bondsman’s pay for services rendered. After the bondsman is paid for the bond, he goes to work getting the defendant out of jail.

But what if the price of the bond is still too much to pay? Ten percent of a $10,000 bail is still $1,000. Many people do not have that amount of money in savings or a credit line that large. We at Michigan Bail Bonds are willing to work with reliable people who only desire to get their friends or family members out of jail. You do not have to have perfect credit. If you have a history of responsible credit use and can come up with a down payment – typically 2.5% of the face amount of the bond – we will try to work with you to get your loved one out of jail so he can return to his job, his family, and his life. Contact Michigan Bail Bonds to see what we can do for you. These situations are possible to solve together.